Calling All Musicians! 
Who I am:
I am a Los Angeles based music video director looking for up-and-coming bands and established bands on small budgets looking to make music videos! Together we can create something special! I am here to put your music and who you are as a band or artist though the lens of a camera. 
What I do:
​I have a large network of filmmakers to work with and would be offering to create a music video with the collaborations of the bands style and my directing. I would allow as much input from the band, hire all of the crew, find locations, work out budgets, rentals, costuming, and whatever else you are looking for. This includes Kickstarter campaigns or similar routes if the band so chooses!
What I require from you:
1. What budget you are working with. This is for projects with small budgets between $2,000-$10,000.​ There are different ways we can go about making sure your money is safe and spent the way you want it to be such as opening a joint bank account or hiring legal counsel. 
2. Your mind. I want to hear your ideas and make them come to life! Whether it's a black and white sultry acoustic piece or rainbow unicorns shooting out of your eyes, let's make it happen.